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"I am nature, watch me grow."

- Masu (via cosmofilius)

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When someone asks why you went vegan and then they don’t even let you explain before they talk about chicken nuggets from McDonald’s and other bullshit.

All credit for this goes to Tara Brach. She did this with Ashley Turner recently for the Meditation 101 conference going on this week. I just jotted down these notes while I listened so I could come back to this, and now I’m sharing it.

Relax. Breathe in, feel your breath come in full through the chest. Exhale out any negative feelings. Do this a few times. Now breathe naturally. Focus on your heart’s intention. Deepen the heart’s ability to forgive.

Start by thinking of when you hurt someone. Imagine that person. Feel close to them. Imagine how they felt when you caused harm to them. Ask for forgiveness: Please forgive me for having harmed you. And forgive yourself, too.

Focus on something that puts you at war with yourself. Maybe you feel like you aren’t doing something as well as you could be. You aren’t doing enough. Think about it: what’s the worst thing about this? Why am I judging myself? Look through the eyes of your most judgemental self. Look closer. Sense how the beahvior is connected to hurt. In someway, you are suffering. Now look through the eyes of someone benevolent- a grandmother, or Buddha. See the suffering. Put your hand on your heart and forgive yourself for the harm you’ve caused yourself and others. Simply say: Forgiven. Forgiven. If you can’t forgive yet, feel the intention. Say other positive messages to yourself: I’m sorry. I love you.

Now think about someone who has hurt you. Someone you still feel resentment towards. Someone who abandoned you, or didn’t treat you the way you wanted to be treated, the way you deserved to be treated. Get in touch with the resentment and anger. Feel the closure of your heart. Feel your own vulnerability under the anger and hurt. Send a message to your own heart of prescence: I care about you. I care about the suffering. Look through eyes a bit more clear, with wisdom. How did this person who hurt you, also hurt? What’s their vulnerability? Feel your intention to open your heart. Say to yourself: It’s my intention to forgive you, to include you too in this heart of compassion. Whisper their name: I forgive you.

Let that image of that person fade to the background. Focus on your own heart. Feel your breath. Feel your heart.


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